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I am blessed and honored to share my particular journey with you. This book is about my profoundly personal and private quest for the eternal knowledge regarding the Universal Self. This journey commenced researching the Bible and many spiritual books and organizations from childhood; then traveling on an adventure through Lourdes in France, the Monasteries of China, the Holy Land in Israel and India where I sat at the feet of Priests, Rabbi’s, Guru’s and Yogi’s, spanning many decades. With continuous introspection, meditation, prayer, intense practice, experience, and travel, I took nine years to write and give birth to this book. It is comprised of 31 short, deeply-engaging chapters, designed to carry you on a Spiritual Odyssey in self-discovery.

While reading this book you are subtly inclined to look within, naturally increasing your Consciousness as you travel deep within your very own psyche, being and Soul, in a discipline called Ontology; the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.

During my teenage years, I wanted to become a Roman Catholic priest but, based on my religious studies, spiritual guidance, illumination in meditation, and many extraordinary experiences, I was guided to travel the world to learn, understand and experience other cultures, faiths and religions. Based on that accumulated knowledge, I have written this book to share with you what I have learned and, for clarity and understanding, written from a Christian base, using the teachings of Jesus Christ, emphasizing His Eternal Truths.

I focused on the New Testament and the Spiritual Teachings Of Jesus Christ that seemed, from a quantum level, to be filled with scientific, philosophical, psychological, and daily guidelines on how best to live our lives in order to move mankind from a human level to that of a Superhuman or highly Spiritual Being. I am convinced that the teachings of Jesus Christ were not meant to be confined to a particular religion or group, but were meant as guidance for all mankind. To illustrate the uniqueness and similarity of Oneness in Truth, I have included the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, India.

I feel that Jesus Christ having proved the 'Theorem of Eternal Life', it is no longer necessary for man to reprove that Theorem. Nor is it still necessary to retrace His historical life as is currently done in religious circles, but instead, for mankind to actually use His Spiritual teachings to arrive at greater and more noble spiritual heights, individually and collectively.

The book progressively exposes you to a refreshing, new, reality and concept of who and what we really are, that diametrically differs from what we are taught by our elders, at home and in religious circles. It is not surprising that this new information may, indeed, make you feel more confident about yourself that, consequently and naturally, it improves your self-esteem.

A clear understanding of this Philosophy becomes more emphatic and is further stimulated as I share my life and the challenges I encountered, finding myself in conflict with memories that were dormant from time immemorial.

As I seek to expose you to a refreshing new concept, a good introduction to this book is best gained by viewing my interviews at http://www.youtube.com/oliverjobson. Once you read this book you will never think the same again!"


Oliver H. Jobson teaches Advaita Philosophy and Meditation, sharing his knowledge about the Universal Self. He also works with the terminally ill who need that positive illumination to lift them out of confusion, despair, fear & depression as they face mortality. "We are different ornaments of the One Universal Divine Energy. Om Sai Ram


Jobson deftly draws upon his years of experience and expertise to write a combination instruction manual and inspirational guide that will enable his readers to tap into their 'inner intelligence', and to take charge of their own thoughts, actions, and emotions. A… spiritual biography…teaches by example...very strongly recommended for community library self-help collections and personal improvement self-improvement reading lists and reference collections.

~ James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review. March 2008.



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